You've achieved power and accumulated wealth. You've proven your success on the testing ground of the business world.  In your determination to achieve material success, have you ignored the whispers of your True Self?

As high achievers and performers, we've lived up to others' expectations for much of our lives. Doing so has defined us in many ways. We've accomplished great things, but we have seen the inherent trade-offs inside the game. 

Is something deeper calling you? 

Our program is for those who are ready to evolve into Luminary Leadership – a new paradigm of success that stretches beyond the material realm. Real wealth and security come from mastery of the soul's virtuous powers.

 Client Profile 1

Max spent his entire life trying to fulfill his parent's expectations. In childhood, he got love from his parents only when he performed well. His need for approval kept him inside a vicious cycle of feeling not good enough. He built the appearance of an ideal life, but romance had disappeared from his 15-year marriage...  (Read more.)

 Client Profile 2 

Robert had grown his company from $5M to $60M, but his I.T. department couldn't handle the growth. The CTO was a charming and cooperative executive team member, but was intimidating and narcissistic. His subordinates feared him, and technical problems seemed unsolvable. We discovered that Robert's relationship to his father was similar to his relationship with the CTO… (Read more.)

 Client Profile 3 

Richard, an international corporate lawyer and business advisor, had a successful practice, but did not feel fulfilled. Even while advising governments, ministers, and corporations, his heart was heavy. He felt empty. He knew that there was something calling him, but he didn't know what it was...  (Read more.)

 Client Profile 4 

Paula, a Senior VP in a Fortune 500 company, described herself as "a dolphin in shark waters." Climbing the traditional corporate ladder had been strenuous and unsatisfying. Despite her success, she didn't feel valued or well-used. We helped her discover that her skills were ideal for executive coaching...(Read more.)

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Lion and Carista have a unique gift: they saw beyond the pressure, confusion, and noise that affected my performance as a corporate executive, and went deeper – to the very heart of the issue. They uncovered the underlying patterns and beliefs preventing me from fulfilling my purpose, and showed me how to change them at the core. They helped me find my true essence, and empowered me to walk the path toward becoming a stronger man and a better executive. I'm now more able to fully give my gifts to my family, my clients, and to the world.

— Christopher Mailander
Mailander PLLC, International Attorney
and Management Consultant