Luminary Leadership Institute is a boutique consulting service for business pioneers – those who want a soul-inspired life of deep meaning and service.

Our services go far beyond traditional leadership coaching. Our multidimensional approach helps you more fully awaken and embody your True Self.  As you operate more consistently from a higher level of awareness, your life purpose emerges naturally. Passion and creativity soars. Personal and business relationships expand and thrive.

We function as guides on the expedition to the summit of enlightened leadership. The first step is to clear obsolete and unproductive patterns from the infrastructure of your ego. Profound healing of your inner life creates extraordinary results in your outer life.

The next step is to clarify your signature noble virtues (such as integrity, wisdom, and compassion). When virtues are embodied, long-hidden spiritual powers are unleashed, galvanizing a new foundation for success and happiness.

We mentor you through a highly customized program for rapid psychological and spiritual evolution. We combine modern integral and organizational psychology with the tradition of true alchemy – the transformation of base elements within your psyche into the gold of spiritual wisdom. True fulfillment is the reward.

I have personally experienced the exceptional quality of Carista and Lion's unique work. They come with my highest recommendations. Enrolling in their extraordinary program is a wise use of your resources, and a powerful way to accelerate your own personal and professional transformation.

— Rinaldo Brutoco, World Business Academy Founding President and CEO