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Max spent his entire life trying to fulfill his parent's expectations. In childhood, he got love from his parents only when he performed well. His need for approval and the belief that everything needed to be perfect kept him in a vicious cycle of feeling not good enough.

He built the appearance of an ideal life – a successful company, a good marriage, two children in private school, material wealth, and active community activities. However, romance had disappeared in his 15-year marriage to his high school sweetheart, Rachael, who had become an integral part of the family business.

Both in their early 40s, they were consumed by their business and children's activities. They felt disconnected. Rachael was exhausted, and she was tired of pretending they were happy. Max was bored with his business, which had come to define his self-worth. Neither one reported their growing discontent with the other. Their passion for their life and each other had faded.

After working with us individually and as a couple, Max and Rachael commited to learn the art of Luminary Leadership and to awaken a greater purpose for their relationship. They examined how their childhood patterns defined their adult relationship and career choices.

They stopped making decisions to please others, and decided to sell their family business in order to fully commit to pursue their soul's calling. They let go of obsolete beliefs and commitments that no longer empowered them. They explored the values and virtues that gave their life deep meaning, and began to integrate them into all aspects of their life together, especially their marriage and family.  They learned to re-wire their romantic relationship, heal past resentments, and renew their love and trust. Their children thrived in this new family environment.

No longer driven by their childhood conditioning, Max and Rachael are able to create their life as an expression of their True Self.  Each one holds the other to be accountable, authentic, and supportive of the other's magnificence. As a result of their genuine passion and purpose, they were able to sell their company and multiply their wealth.

After a year of commitment to comprehensive transformation, they continue to work with us to unfold the specific plans for their purposeful "second life."

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Our time with you provided immense value. We took our committed relationship of 51 years to a new level. Did we need to be fixed? No…. but we continuously seek out new opportunities for growth in our relationship. Your program was one of these best gems that has come our way in quite awhile.

– Hardy and Annedore Hasenfuss
Thriving Business Partners