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When an executive is in a high-conflict relationship, the cost to a corporation is enormous. An executive with marriage or family problems can easily create uncertainty and disengagement in their team, or the entire organization. A leader preoccupied with home life issues can become distracted and disconnected. This can impact the bottom line.  

Executives face a unique challenge. There are enormous pressures to perform at work, and when they arrive home, they are expected to be fully available to family responsibilities. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the task of satisfying everyone’s needs without the time or energy to do so. This never-ending cycle puts additional stress and strain on relationships at home and at work.   

Under continual duress, the marriage can be threatened. Divorce is rated the second highest stressful life event (following only the death of a spouse or child). Severe marriage or family issues can become an emotional roller coaster that impacts an executive’s productivity. Thus, relationship stress at home must be considered a high priority for the corporation.

Our Executive Relationship Repair program addresses these challenges directly. We specialize in repairing broken or failing marriages of senior executives and other key employees. We also assist with family issues that threaten stability, such as work/life imbalance, addictions, and children in crisis.

The partners of Luminary Leadership Institute have more than 60 years of combined experience in couples counseling and executive coaching. We have integrated the latest discoveries from the neuroscience of relationships to create rapid interventions and recovery. We teach couples in crisis how to reduce hostilities, repair the damage, and return to a highly functional style of relating.

We diagnose subconscious patterns at the core of the problem, and custom-design remedies to support a swift return to individual integrity and relationship security.

The Life Innovations Study, Relational Wellness: Corporate America’s Business (Olson, 2012) concluded that relationship-related stress costs employers billions of dollars annually:

“One notable research project estimated that $6 billion is lost by American businesses due to decreased productivity stemming from relationship difficulties. These expenses are borne directly by corporations, owners, and shareholders. Employees in failing relationships cost money to the companies for whom they work. An unprofitable work environment results from the many factors experienced by employees in failing relationships: increased absenteeism and presenteeism (being physically present but mentally absent), decreased health, increased anxiety and stress, and increased health insurance costs.”

Our goal is to resolve the problems and move the couple from conflict to harmony, from confusion to clarity, and from fear to wise action.  Couples we’ve worked with report that their marriages are “better than ever.” A thriving marriage and home life optimizes performance at work. 

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As a manager of clean tech and infrastructure funds, the pressure to perform can easily spill over into my personal life. My relationship crisis then impacted my performance, creating a vicious cycle. Working with Lion and Carista, I gained a much broader understanding of myself and my conditioning. Their teachings have enabled me to maintain consistent harmony and dignity in all of my relationships. This has had a measurable impact on my performance at work, my relationships at home, and my health as well. I am exposed to the best that money can buy, and what you provide is unparalleled.

~  B.H., IAA Award Investor and Fund Manager