Client Profile #4


Paula, a Senior VP in a Fortune 500 company, described herself as "a dolphin in shark waters." Climbing the traditional corporate ladder had been strenuous – and unsatisfying. Despite her success, she didn't feel valued or well-used.

We helped Paula discover her higher purpose, and pointed out that her skills were ideally suited for executive coaching. We assisted her in making a transition to consulting. As she recognized that she could be successful by supporting her clients' whole being rather than just the bottom line, she thrived, and her work life began to have meaning for the first time.

Caring for other people's future made her realize she needed to invest further in her own personal growth. She returned to us to enter the Luminary Leadership Initiation, our year-long program. Using our proprietary diagnostic system, we were able to reveal where she had abandoned her own True Self in favor of her Inner Critic and Inner Perfectionist. These personas, or identites, had been crucial to her rise to the top of the corporate game, but it had robbed her of her authentic self-expression.

Over a period of many months (and integrated with her obligations to family and clients), Paula uncovered the patterns that kept her commited to unsatisfying personal and professional relationships. With our steady guidance, she was able to shift many false identities and obsolete belief patterns. She came to see which of her choices came from her True Self, and which came from childhood wounding or ego defenses.

With this new perspective, she was able to choose clients and projects that were aligned with her purpose. She earned more money in less time, and shifted to a lifestyle that sustained and enlivened her. Greater happiness emerged – the natural result of fulfilling her destiny and finding work-life balance. Each of these shifts supported her emergence as a Luminary Leader, a transformational change agent in the corporate world. 


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Our work gave me significant breakthroughs on issues I’ve been struggling with for years. Your strong, compassionate presence enabled me to drop quickly into vulnerable territory and shine light there, revealing the patterns. I now have a new perspective and practical strategies for moving forward.

– Lisa Schrader
Founder and CEO, Awakening Shakti