Client Profile #2


Robert had grown his company from $5M to $60M, but his I.T. department couldn't handle the growth, preventing parallel increases in profitability. The CTO was charming and cooperative as an executive team member, but to his subordinates, he was narcissistic and manipulative.  His intimidating communication style created an environment of fear and insecurity. Afraid to report what was going on, his entire staff became disengaged, doing the minimum to keep their jobs. The department was consequently rife with problems.

When we investigated Robert’s family history, we found that his relationship with his father was a model for his relationship with his CTO.

Robert’s father had been a charming, manipulative bully who created fear and anxiety in the entire family. Through our work together, he was able to recognize the dysfunctional nature of his relationship with the CTO. Empowered by this recognition, he terminated the CTO and replaced him with a conscious and empathetic technology leader modeled after the "good father" that Robert had always wanted.

The new CTO brought a breath of fresh air into the department. Employees became enthusiastically re-engaged. Persistent technical problems melted away, and the company's profits soared.


If you suspect that your childhood patterns may be sabotaging personal or professional relationships, we can help you resolve the dynamics that interfere with your success. Contact us for a free consultation.

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