Client Profile #3


Richard, an international corporate lawyer and business consultant, had a successful practiceadvising governments, ministers, and corporations doing business in foreign countries. However, he did not feel fulfilled. His heart was heavy and he felt empty. He knew he was being called to a higher purpose, but he didn't know what it was.

We took Richard through our week-long Life Purpose Intensive to connect him to his inner source of wisdom. Using our unique psychological and spiritual methodologies, we showed him how to clear away his obsolete old programming and unproductive beliefs. We then helped him distill the skills and wisdom he had gained so he could apply it to the next phase of his life with precision.

As he got in touch with his True Self and his soul's calling, Richard realized that his mission was to awaken and educate the next generation of emerging Third World leaders, helping them transform and evolve the consciousness of their countries.  

Richard required a significant level of income to sustain his lifestyle, so we created a long-term plan for his transition to his soul-inspired career.

Along the way, we also discovered that there were unresolved issues lurking beneath the surface of Richard's marriage to his wife, Susan, a high-powered corporate V.P.  When an individual chooses to change to a more authentic life, family dynamics are always impacted. Working with them as a couple, we discovered that she, too, wanted to live her higher purpose.

A few months later, she went through our Life Purpose Intensive, and decided to radically shift her career. They both wanted more time with their children and a less stressful life. They were able to harmoniously align and make significant lifestyle changes that would support their evolving personal and professional needs. 

Although every client begins with a focus on a particular problem, LLI takes a comprehensive approach to every issue.

Contact us if you feel the discomfort of living from others' expectations. Live instead from the core of your True Self.  Break through to the summit: your life's real purpose.

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You have given us new and powerful principles, which allowed us to discover our True Selves – as a couple as well as individually. This wisdom, combined with love, has rapidly empowered our lives. We now have an amazing set of tools to find and recognize these truths daily.

– Rick Young
CEO of Fortune 500 Franchise Company