Luminary Leaders lead from their True Self, and live from their deepest spiritual virtues. This shifts motivation from power over others to power in service to others.

All great leaders have clear vision and take decisive action. Luminary leaders wield these powers precisely, adding wisdom and compassion. Luminaries live from the core of their noble nature.

Luminary Leaders know their true purpose and live it with certainty.  Purpose, passion, and presence inspires and motivates others to produce high-performance business results.

In their personal lives, Luminary Leaders live in harmony with their partner and family. Relationships are supportive, secure and loving.

Business schools do not teach soul development. Historically, only mystery schools provided instruction in this alchemical art. Luminary Leadership Institute combines ancient wisdom traditions with leading edge methodologies from the neurosciences and psychology. We have synthesized a comprehensive and practical program for you to become a Luminary Leader, awakening and embodying your True Self in a modern business context.

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Lion and Carista bring an uncommon depth and breadth to their work as coaches of leaders seeking to refine and re-contextualize their value to the world. Together, as a team, they are formidable. Their unique and differing gifts, when melded together, bring a holistic capability of transformation.

 – Dr. Keith Merron
CEO, Avista Consulting Group