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Business Warrior Monk:

The Way of the

Conscious Business Leader

Business Warrior Monk (n.): a leader of a successful commercial enterprise who achieves excellence through mastery of his or her Virtues (e.g., integrity, discipline, responsibility, authenticity, intelligence, courage, compassion, etc.)

Business Warrior Monk Training: a 4-day training for leaders and managers of business enterprises who wish to gain greater mastery and achieve more success in their business and personal life.

The program is taught by Lion Goodman and Carista Luminare, Ph.D. founders of Luminary Leadership Institute. In addition, there will be special guest presenters who will offer their research and wisdom via TED-style video presentations.

The focus of the 3.5-day program is Best Practices for achieving both business and personal success in today’s business climate.

Topics include:

  • What today’s painful economic realities mean to your future.
  • What you must do to succeed in today’s business climate.
  • What you won’t (and can’t) learn in Business School – and why.
  • Career reversal: the best thing that’s ever happened to you.
  • How inner work results in improved business performance.
  • Beyond the “triple bottom line” to superior business metrics.
  • Your shadow: what prevents you from achieving worldly success.
  • Focus energy and attention with discipline, discernment, & openness.
  • The Luminary Leader: Integration of body, mind, heart and soul.

Are you ready to engage in the best practices that will multiply your authentic power and business results?

  • A successful warrior possesses superior discipline to manifest his or her intended outcomes. To triumph in their lifelong journey, warriors must be crystal clear about their values, goals and methodologies.
  • A monk will retreat from time to time to develop his or her virtues, such as concentration, compassion, and inner peace. Shaolin Monks, highly disciplined in both martial arts and spiritual practice, bring intense focus to their spirituality and to their physical training.
  • Businessmen and women today must be similarly disciplined to achieve optimal effectiveness in the business arts.

21st Century business discipline requires dedication to:

  • Acquiring information from a variety of sources and perspectives;
  • Engaging in daily practices that integrate your mind, body and spirit;
  • Using new paradigms of business to put you on the crest of the wave;
  • Be a futurist. Study trends affecting business, economics, and society.
  • Understand the newest research in multiple disciplines: neuroscience, psychology, energy, government policy, technology, environment, etc.

Schedule & Location

2015 Dates and Location
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Fee: $3,500: Includes all meetings, 3 nights accommodations, and 6 meals
$2,950: Meetings and meals only, without accommodations, for those staying outside the hotel.


Luminary Leadership Institute: A consulting firm focused on helping successful executives live a soul-inspired life of deep meaning and service. Clients are guided through a high-value mentoring program for rapid psychological and spiritual evolution, using the latest from integral psychology, the neurosciences, and ancient traditions of spiritual practice. Superior business and financial results follow the comprehensive healing of one’s inner life. (

Carista Luminare, Ph.D. has been a consultant, counselor and coach to executives, entrepreneurs, and organizations for more 30 years. Her private practice focuses on intelligent, capable overachievers who have exceptional professional success and who want to embody their True Self.

Lion Goodman has 35 years experience as an executive coach and search consultant, having served more than 250 C-suite executives in Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized businesses, and entrepreneurial start-ups. He has taught workshops and trainings across the U.S. and internationally.